• Madam, Sir, I am pleased to recommend Ms. Ewelina Pawlak as a Real Estate Broker. I retained Ms. Pawlak's services after trying, for four months, to sell my property in Brossard by myself. In less than two months, she found a creditworthy and credible buyer. She also obtained the final asking price, as previously discussed. Ms. Pawlak was so professional and available during the whole process. She inspired confidence right from the start and she honored her commitments. It is without hesitation that I recommend Ms. Pawlak and I am sure she will live up to your expectations too. Cordially.

    by Sylvie Pinsonnault
  • We were very pleased with our broker Ewelina. She is exceptional and does not count the hours. She took the time to come to see me during my 47 days in the hospital to read me the sales contract and to present the purchase offers. She kept me and my spouse informed of all developments during the sale, which was fast despite the fact that I was still in the hospital. We highly recommend Ewelina to anyone who wants to sell a home. We received a great service and, if we had to do it all over again, we would be happy to do business with Ewelina again. Thanks for the good service!

    by Nicole Bergevin And Benoit Charpentier
  • A year ago, we decided to sell our property. In early 2018, we began our search for a real estate agency. In reviewing sales in our sector, we noticed that RE/MAX Action Inc. had made several sales on our street. The agents were Chantal Bouzaglo and Ewelina Pawlak. We contacted them for a meeting. Ms. Pawlak came to us with a serious analysis of comparables while keeping in mind the quality of our house. Following several discussions, we decided to hire them. Their challenge was to find a buyer who would offer the asking price and who would agree that we stay in our house until April 2019.  Our house was listed on a Saturday. The following Tuesday we had a visit and on Wednesday we received an offer which was meeting the two main criteria: asking price and date of occupation. Ms. Bouzaglo and Ms. Pawlak have the required qualities as real estate brokers, they know how to get our trust, they show dynamism, good humor and a great deal of optimism. We strongly recommend them for the sale of your property.

    by Jacques Deslauriers
  • TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I would like to take this opportunity to share the wonderful experience my wife and I enjoyed while working with Mrs. Ewelina Pawlak and Mrs. Chantal Bouzaglo with the marketing of our house.  They are very well organized, on time, responsive, firmly loyal to her clients, always trustworthy, and completely honest. If you are looking for a residential broker, especially in the south shore area, you could not do better. Ewelina not only knows the market, but negotiates strongly for her client, anticipates problems before they can occur, and never takes her eye off the ball.  If you have any questions about anything they are always available. You will enjoy working with her. My wife and I certainly did. Best regards,

    by Payman Kanani
  • This document is to inform you of our complete satisfaction with the work of Mrs. Ewelina Pawlak during the sale of our house. Ms. Pawlak asked us if we wanted to sell our house. As this possibility was in our mid-term projects, we accepted her professional opinion on the market value of our house. She quickly came back to us with an analysis of the market in our area and showed us that it was possible to obtain a higher price than we imagined given the quality of the house, the maintenance and the renovations that we had done and especially the state of the market in the area at that time. Her assessment seemed high at first glance but the data was well supported by recent sales figures. Ms. Pawlak gave us good home staging advice and her design expertise was very helpful and relevant. We are pleased to have followed all her advices and even more. She waited until we were ready to sell, and from that moment on, she was impressively efficient. Photos were quickly taken, the house was posted on Centris on Friday evening and Saturday morning, there were already several visits scheduled for the weekend. Within 48 hours, we received the first offers but they have proved unsatisfactory for all parties. She encouraged us and the visits continued. After 15 days, she organized free visits and 5 days later, we received several offers. Ms. Pawlak cleverly negotiated these multiple offers and finally we got more than the asking price from qualified buyers. Throughout this period, Ms. Pawlak has demonstrated her drive, good humor, optimism and speed of action.  She was assisted by Mrs. Chantal Bouzaglo who was also very encouraging and optimistic. The sale of our house has been a pleasant experience, even if it is a stressful step in itself, and much of the credit goes to Mrs. Pawlak, who has been with us all through the process and has given us full confidence in her expertise and competence. We highly recommend Ms. Ewelina Pawlak and her team for the sale of your home and we encourage you to follow her recommendations with all the seriousness they deserve. We are pleased to have trusted Ms. Pawlak and, based on our previous experiences, she is the best real estate agent we have had.

    by Lucie Lamontagne & Jean-Paul Guillemot
  • Ms. Ewelina Pawlak, I am writing to thank you for your help and guidance to put our house on the market and sell it at the desired price within a short time. You first came to see us in the month of October 2017 and gave an excellent presentation. The presentation highlighted the merits of selecting REMAX as our real estate agency and then went on to demonstrate pricing strategies and some useful guidelines on how to prepare ourselves and the house to place on the market. In the end we were impressed by your approach and the tips you provided in organizing the house for the market. You followed up with us a few weeks after our first meeting but we were not ready to act until then. We appreciate that you never pushed us to act before we were ready. Finally, we contacted you when we were ready. The house went on the market the first week of march and it was sold within a week, for the asking price. We had seen other brokers also. They were all excellent. But what helped us make up our minds was the quality of your presentation, the tips you gave us for organizing the house and the fact that you had sold three other houses in our immediate vicinity in a relatively short time. Thanking you again,

    by Farzana & Wasi Hanafi
  • To Whom It May Concern, I wish to express my gratitude to Ms. Ewelina Pawlak for her services throughout the transaction process. Although we could use the services of another agent, I chose Remax and Ms. Pawlak for her involvement in Brossard, and her dynamism. Also, I never felt any pressure. Everything went quite well: contract signature, pictures and offers received.  We got 4 offers in 4 days! A big thank to Ms. Pawlak!

    by Jocelyne Langdeau Genest
  • With this letter, I want to acknowledge the beautiful relation that has developed itself between Ewelina Pawlak and I. Two years ago, I experienced a very hard breakup and found myself in a precarious situation: I was unemployed and looking for an affordable house. It is an acquaintance of mine who strongly recommended me to communicate with Ewelina by telling me how much dynamical, efficient and different from others she was by thinking about our needs instead of her commission! Considering my housewife status, and the fact that I had no income, there was not one institution who wanted to fund me despite the investments I had and the considerable amount of money I was putting as equity. By chance, Ewelina had very good contacts who trusted me. It is a true chance, because otherwise, I could not have purchased this beautiful townhouse that I love so much. Then came the evaluation and the expenses! Once again, Ewelina had in her contacts a building inspector that only cost me a fraction of the price and that gave an out of the ordinary service. For me, Ewelina has not only been a broker, but a person I could count on and receive support from during the most difficult period of my life. She is still very present in my life and is always available to advise or to help. If you want to make the selling of your house or the purchase of a new property enjoyable, trust Ewelina, who will take care of everything for you.

    by Sophie Ricard
  • My wife and I are finally settled into the new condo and loving it! We would like to extend our gratitude to you Ewelina again for the exceptional job you did in helping us with the purchase of our home and you were able to finalize the whole deal within 15 days! We interviewed several realtors from the Montreal area and you definitely stood out in terms of your experience and knowledge. We especially appreciate the dedication and hard work you did for us: negotiating the contract, finding us a good price, securing an inspection, doing errands for us while we were still out of Montréal like renovating the condo and taking the time to go over all the details of getting us settled. You have always maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, good humor, patience, understanding and diplomacy. You have been a true delight to work with on a personal level as well, reassuring us and comforting us through the stressful task of choosing the right house . You have, by far, been the best real estate agent that we have dealt with and you have made our Dream come true. Once again, thanks for super great job.

    by Ali & Roula MAJED
  • To whom it may concern, Réal and I would like to thank Ewelina and Chantal for their excellence and professionalism as Realtors for not only the selling of our property but also for the buying our new home. Our first contact was with Chantal on the telephone; she was very polite and asked if we were interested in selling our home. We were not really ready to sell, however, we were starting to look at 50+ residences though. Chantal laid out several positive points that were undeniable: Réal and I are both retired, and the market was good – it was the perfect time to sell. So I agreed that an assessment would be a good idea. And so our story began! My next contact was with Ewelina. She agreed to assess the possibilities for our property. She was very professional, polite, thorough, and helpful with her suggestions. Once she completed her visit, she went off to do her homework and the next time we met, she patiently and meticulously took the time to present herself and her real estate services; to explain the market and how we could position our home on the market; and to suggest a selling price. She was very thorough and honest. The next day, Réal and I decided to sell! From that moment on, it did not take very long to prepare for the listing. There was absolutely no pressure to rush in any of the activities we were asked to do. We could not believe how quickly the visits began. Visits began the following day of the listing. Ultimately there were 4 offers – all above the asking price. Within a couple of weeks our house was sold! Thank you Ewelina and Chantal for also being at our sides when we visited and purchased our new home. If Ewelina was not available, then Chantal was. They were always there for us. They are professional, dedicated, dependable, and make us feel very comfortable. WHAT A TEAM! We have absolutely no hesitation to recommend their services to anyone who would like to sell or buy a property. We wish them continued success.

    by Linda DeGrandis and Réal Duclos
  • Dear Ewelina, I am writing this letter to you as a testimony for your future clients and also, to warmly thank you for your excellent work. I have to specify that before working with you, I worked with another broker, and without wanting to denigrate anybody, I had the impression of losing my time and my energy in a process that lasted many months. When we first met, I instantly felt your determination and your will to succeed. By working on the layout and the decoration of my condo, you were able to make of it a more welcoming and attractive place for potential buyers. You invested yourself in each step of the selling process, and it only took me three months to see the expected results. I liked your outspoken and honest approach. You always told me the truth while letting me the free choice regarding the decisions and the actions that had to be taken. I think that we did an excellent teamwork! Thank you again!

    by Raphaël Horecki
  • To whom it may concern, I would like to thank Mrs Ewelina Pawlak for the excellent work that she did as a broker for the selling of the buildings that I entrusted her with as the liquidator of the succession of a person that was very dear to me. Mrs Pawlak was able to undertake this mandate with professionalism in a record time. Indeed, after only a few days, she succeeded a magic trick in not only submitting to me one, two, three, but four propositions of potential buyers for each of the buildings.  Finally, it is important for me to specify that the accepted offers for the buildings are much higher than the asking price and than the offers that I was getting when I tried to sell privately. I can only be very grateful for her help, her professionalism, her advice and her dedication, which have allowed me to achieve the heir of the succession’s projects in a record time. Without a doubt in my mind, I would recommend the services of Mrs Pawlak to anyone in the task of the selling and/or the purchase of a building that is either residential, commercial, a condominium or a housing.

    by Wayne Wilson
  • Mrs Pawlak, The first goal of this letter is to truly thank you for the outstanding of your service. Your competence, your dynamism and the excellence of your work have allowed us to sell our Brossard property only three days after it was put on the market and to find the rare pearl that we truly desired less than a week later. You have allowed us to realize our projects rapidly. Furthermore, the two transactions were concluded with prices that perfectly met our expectations. Working by your side on realizing our dream has been a true pleasure. Thus, it is with sincerity that we warmly recommend you as a real estate broker. Please rest assured of our sincere gratitude.

    by Martine Harvey et Sylvain Lavoie
  • Good evening Chantal and Ewelina, Diane and myself wanted to give you a warm thank you for your flawless work in the sale of our house located at the 8495, Rimbaud street, Brossard, Quebec. From the very first contact, you have been able to put us in confidence. To leave behind a home in which you have lived for more than 30 years can certainly be traumatizing. However, with your more than precise explanations, your help and your constant assistance, you have allowed us to live an adventure that has, for the very least, enriched us. Not only have we seen our house being sold in a couple of days, but also, you have been of a great resort in the choice of our future property. You both, without a doubt, deserve the nickname ‘ dynamique duo ’. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone and wish you a long life.

    by Jacques & Diane Brunet
  • To Whom It May Concern In past two years, I have put my house on the market two times. I used various agents from different real estate companies. Each time I had signed a 6-months contract as they requested. But the contracts expired with no sales. There were also several agents that offered their services but I just felt that their only interest is to sell the house, and sell it quickly. I didn’t feel like they had my interests in mind, at all. My house is positioned in a highly regarded sector of Brossard, in a very quiet, nearly idyllic, kid-friendly, crescent, where 99% of traffic is local. I am 2 minutes walk away from 2 grocery stores, a pharmacy, schools, and whole slew of useful services. Even the bus to downtown is no more that 2 minutes walk. In short, it’s an ideal location. The house itself is well maintained. Over the years I invested a lot of money in improvements and renovations. Most certainly, the house should be very attractive to potential buyers. And yet, no sale. I had visitors. A lot of visitors. I had open-house two times but I never received any offers. I was completely shocked. I couldn’t understand why no one wanted to buy the house. It was even priced lower than the market expectations. Before I would try to sell the house for the third time, I did some serious research on real estate agents in my area. The name of Ms. Ewelina Pawlak kept showing up on top. I checked out her website and noticed that she was selling a house close to mine. I went to see it and noticed the sign “3 offers in 10 days”. Two days later, the house was sold. Needless to say, I met Ms. Pawlak, who sat with me and we talked for nearly 2 hours about various options. She also explained to me what she can do for me in terms of driving traffic and potential buyers to my place. She also explained that she closely monitors online visitors and has tools to gage if the sales price should be moved, and in which direction. Even more importantly, Ms. Pawlak toured the house with me and told me what I have to do in the house to make it more attractive. It was a very long and a very detailed list of to-do’s. She even helped me, physically, with moving and removing some items. That, finally, made me feel that I would be in the good hands. She was very optimistic. When she suggested the list price, I told her that I thought it’s way too high. Obviously, with my previous experiences, I had a lot of doubts in terms of how much the house can be sold for, and I expressed those doubts to her. However, she was so confident and positive that I decided to let her do her job. And she did the job just marvellously!! After I arranged the house, exactly as she asked, in the first 2 days, I had 7 clients. Most of them stayed in the house very long. That was already a good sign. Next day, Ms. Pawlak hosted an open-house. Instead of regular 2 hours (2-4), I had clients until 6pm. Ms. Pawlak was at house all along. Greeting each client, showing them the house, answering all the questions, in short – being completely immersed into making sure that all visitors get the right picture of what they might be buying into. The following day, Ms. Pawlak presented to me 4 signed offers. All from pre-approved clients. Each offer was more attractive than the other. Two of the offers were OVER the asking price. One of them was so high that I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course, I accepted that offer. That offer, incidentally, was over $70,000 higher than the best projection I have ever had with any of the other agents,on top with 100 IPPG pyrite in my garage!

    by Rajko Bogdanovic
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