Dear Ewelina,

I am writing this letter to you as a testimony for your future clients and also, to warmly thank you for your excellent work.

I have to specify that before working with you, I worked with another broker, and without wanting to denigrate anybody, I had the impression of losing my time and my energy in a process that lasted many months.

When we first met, I instantly felt your determination and your will to succeed. By working on the layout and the decoration of my condo, you were able to make of it a more welcoming and attractive place for potential buyers. You invested yourself in each step of the selling process, and it only took me three months to see the expected results.

I liked your outspoken and honest approach. You always told me the truth while letting me the free choice regarding the decisions and the actions that had to be taken. I think that we did an excellent teamwork!

Thank you again!

By id3tech